Few Tips And Tricks To Shop Smartly While Saving Money

Though personally visiting an offline store is still feasible for few people, the online shopping brings along with a greater sense of ease and convenience, and in case you are a shopaholic by nature, you know how awesome it feels when you search for your favourite products online, pay for it in just a few clicks, receive gift cards if you are lucky and receive the delivery right at your doorstep.

Today, online retailers let us get involved in retail therapy in the comfort of our homes. Furthermore, along with going wild over online shopping, you must keep an eye on your wallet and track all your expenses while facilitating savings.

Not all websites will charge you the same delivery amount or shipping charges; variations may occur across several sellers, websites, etc. Some e-commerce websites come with free shipping, irrespective of your location. Also, some sites offer free shipping merely after a nominal buying amount.

If you want to save some money, you should create a budget first. After planning what you are about to purchase, refer to various browser extensions for comparing prices of stuff via some popular shopping hubs. Some of them also mention information about additional offers from merchants or banks, or other financial institutions that can allow you to save a lot of money while purchasing online and paying through apps like Fave, Goggle Pay, etc.

You can also check a particular product’s reviews if you are unsure about its price. These website reviews may be biased or fake, though there are a few authentic ones too. Some sites also publish reviews on a particular product, so assess your budget and preferences.

Also, make sure to check as to whether your friends or colleagues have bought the exact product and also ask them about their experience. Reviews also represent that if a product is displayed in an older version and is priced lower. If you find it appropriate for you, go for it and save your money.

At times, certain products may get out of stock. People often tend to get disappointed after seeing this. In this case, getting registered for in-stock email messages is the smarter way out. Using this small but helpful trick, you will instantly receive a notification on your mobile number or email address as soon as the item returns to stock.

Additionally, getting registered for newsletters is another option to receive news and information regarding offers and discounts well in advance.

Many times, new customers receive better offers and deals if they make payment through online platforms like Phonepay, Fave etc. when compared to old ones. Furthermore, if you have to buy things in bulk, you can create multiple accounts on a single website and reap the benefits of new user offers.


The tips mentioned earlier will require some patience from your side, but they are some of the most useful solutions that can help you save a lot of bucks on online purchases. You can explore these tips and tricks and blend them to get some of the most viable deals by making a debit or credit card, UPI payment. Also, stay updated with various social media sites to receive information about ongoing offers, sales, etc., on specific products.